Active experience in Riga and Latvia indoors, outdoor, wild

1. Shooting  Range

2. Clay Pigeon Shooting

3. Paint-balling indoor and outdoor

4. Kayaking and Canoeing on the canal or Gauja River in Sigulda

5. Bob-sleighing in Sigulda

6. Sigulda Bungee Jumping

7. Vertical Wind Tunnel

8. Adventure in Tarzan Park

9. Zorbong Downhill

10. Snowmobile Activity

11. Go Carting: indoors and outdoors

12. Laser Tag +Go Carting + 4D Movie

13. Riga, Jurmala, Sigulda bike tour

14. Husky dog Sledding in Riga only in winter

15. Football Zorbing

16. Bowling competition

17. Quad Bike Safari

18. 4x4 Off  Road Adventure

19. Jet Aircraft Flight

20. Horse racing

21. Fishing challenge

22. Skiing activity

23. Winter Ice sailing

24. Curling competition

25. Dolphin Jet Pack

26. Beer Bike Bar Activity

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