Religious groups

In Baltic's there is enough space for all the spires of church buildings of the various denominations – Catholics, Lutherans, The Russian Orthodox, Old Believers, Jewish, Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists, Armenian Apostolic ...

The peoples of the Baltic countries also belong to different Christian denominations. Believers in Latvia and Estonia are mostly Lutheran (except for Eastern part of Latvia, which is Catholic). Lithuania is principally Catholic.

However, many people in Estonia do not believe in God. According to a study, Estonia has 49% of its population say that they have no belief in God which puts Estonia on the map as one of the least religious countries in the world.

During Soviet Times was forbidden to practice any religious beliefs, most of the churches was preserved and now  are completely renovated.

Actual Riga tour team  has close relationships with religious leaders and organizations and can offer:

-tailor made programs which includes different highlights of Baltic countries,

-full rage of services for accommodation, transfers, meals

-meetings with local religious authorities and organizations. -for Jewish group we can provide also kosher meals.

-We have special educated guide for religious groups with big experience in such programs

Please let us know about date, group size, destination, events and activities we will prepare special offer for you

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