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The Baltic and Scandinavian countries can offer the best combination of experiences.

Culture, cuisine, architecture, music festivals, active sport, and relaxation The Metropole cities and National parks offer the best of comfortable weather and security.

The Baltic States are our home. Nobody knows any better than all of the secrets, to make the most enjoyable and pleasing tours of our countries.

we offer tailor-made programs in accordance with group size, seasonality, budget, and planned activities, in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Scandinavia, and Poland

Depending on your needs, we provide the full experience, including tours, hotels, guides, transportation, and event activities. Based on our 20+ years of experience, multi-lingual staff, and strong relationships with our suppliers, we guarantee the best quality service for the most competitive prices.

Riga Christmas

Special Interest Trips 

We have created special programs for: culinary gourmet tourism, Art and Culture, Music festivals, Active sport (canoing, hiking, cycling acc), National parks and Nature tiurs, Jewish history, Pilgrims, Golf player, SPA and Relax.



Tours include highlights of the Baltic States and get the possibility to discover all three Baltic capitals and combine with Helsinki or Stockholm: The baroque city of Vilnius, Art Nouveau pearls of Riga, and the medieval charm of Tallinn.


Guaranteed Departures

Guaranteed departure tours are the best way how individual tourists can join the group and travel based on group price and budget. There are also many optional services that our guests can buy on the spot depending on interest, diet and budget.

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