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Special interest tours

        During last year we see more interest for special interest tours from different association, clubs and organisation made trips for members and employees. We are glad to prepare special programs for differen sociaties, education institutions, professional associations, clubs, trade associations. We cooperate with state authorities and offer specialized tours in the following areas: administration, art and music, agriculture, architecture, desing, astronomy, tehnologirs, biology, economics, history, law, literature, politics, social work, religion, pedagogy.

        Tourists’ interests during the last few years have changed. More and more tourists would like during the tour to concentrate their attention on their interest and life stile and get experience of the Baltic Region. We have created special programs for: culinary gourmet tourism, Art and Culture, Music festivals, Active sport (canoing, hiking, cycling acc), National parks and Nature tiurs, Jewish history, Pilgrims, Golf player, SPA and Relax.

We have special tours for different clubs: Rotary, Lyon, Retro cars, Harley bikes acc.

Hot Air Balloons

Culinary tours

Our culinary tours in Baltic countries are an authentic and mouth-watering way to fast track your understanding of a city, country, and culture by exploring through the cuisine. In Lithuania you will get Cepelinas with anion and bacon souce, in Latvia, red beet yogurt soup instead of salad and laprei fish, in Estonia black rye bred with different ingridience and best herring in the world. Discovering destinations by taste is a unique and stimulating experience, giving you a deeper understanding of the area while discovering the culinary secrets of the country. Baltic countries can offer as national historical food, as well as modern local gourmet variants for each demanding client and for every taste.

We have guides, expert leaders in cuisine and travel, you’ll participate in behind-the-scenes cooking classes and visits to the best local kitchens, markets and growing areas in the region. Our specially prepared culinary tours are crafted to give you one part culture, one part adventure and three parts delicious!

Nothing speaks more of a country's character, like their food.

Jagala waterfall

Nature tours

Diversity of nature in Baltic states  let us offer wild rage of different activities and experience in  the Nature. Baltics are countries with 40% forest, picturable fields, hundreds lakes and rivers, National parks and widest waterfall in Europe. Our white sand beaches are many thousands kilometer long, our temperature is most comfortabla in summer and winter, we have 4 seasons and can canoeing, hiking, cycling, bird watching, fishing  every day. There is also the possibility for relaxing eco-tourism in the country to spend time in nature.

tautas terpi.jpg

Event tours

The Baltic States is popular destination for events and hosts numerous events throughout the year: music festivals and  concerts, sport competitions and  fairs, city anniversaries and light festivals, summits, national festivals like midsummer celebration, Dance amd Song celebration once in 5 years. Combining these events with first-class travel arrangements, Actual Riga tour can offer a wide arrange of options for groups and individuals.  We create special event packages included accommodation,  main attractions, concert tickets, transfers and meals and our guest get much more for the same budget.

Canoeing in the Gauja National park

Active tours

The Baltic States dont have highest mountaince, we are flat area with forest, picturable fields, hundreds lakes and rivers, national parks and it is the perfect  for outdoor activities. Our white sand beaches are many thousands kilometer long, our temperature is most comfortabla in summer and winter, we have 4 seasons and can canoeing, hiking, cycling  every day. If you are looking to organize an outdoor holiday, this region has everything you need. The spacious plains and woodlands of the Baltic are ideal for quad-bike excursions, dirt bike rides. In winter the season continues, with ski, snowboarding, outdoor saunas.

We offer special tours for sports professionals, teams, associations, training camps and tournament organizations as well.

Mud Spa

SPA and Relax tours

Take a break from your daily routines to relax and rejuvenate at a health and wellness center in Baltic countries resort, thanks to a healthy seaside climate, pine forests, dunes, and medicinal waters. Nowadays the Baltic offers big opportunities for SPA. We would recommend in Lithuanis to visit one of Druskinensky SPA center, in Latvia Jurmala is the largest seaside resort, in Estonia SPA paradise is Parnu city and Saarema island.

Actual Riga tour has prepared more than 24 holiday SPA packages from 3 days to 14 days, including accommodation, SPA treatments, sightseeing, transfers, and meals, we are sure you will find the right treatments to destress on a retreat designed for you.

Hill of Crosses

Religious tours

In the Baltic  we have three main religions catholic, lutheran and orthodox and many others. There are  exceptional pilgrimage places: The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, Aglona in Latvia, Pihticha Monastery in Estonia. Actual Riga Tour organize pilgrimage tours for any religion confession for groups and spiritual organizations from all over the world. Every tour includes guided tours by special aducated guides and meetings with religious communities of the region. 

Golf Partners

Golf player tours

For Golf plaer who travel around the wall and play golf, we offer special packages which combine golf turnaments with best tourist atraktion, elegant with special charm hotels and  and exquisite restaurants and unique venues for lunches and dinners. Baltic countries offer many Golf fields and the possibility to enjoy Golf in very comfortable weather conditions. Recommended season May-September.

Tallinn Jazz.png

Music Festivals tours

Music and Dance festivals in Baltic countries are historical very popular, our children start singing and dancing from firs visit of childrengarte and continue at school , colledge, different chor singer and dancer  clubs and societies and like Olympic game once in 5 years the participate in  Dance amd Song celebration which collected more than 50000 singers and dancert and 50000 visitors.  There is not age limit and partocipants are from 16 till 100 years old. Most important persons in Baltic spociety are not only polititions also conductors. Yearly we have many Opera and Simphonical orcestra festivals and solo concerts our World class singers like Elina Garanca, Ktistīna Opolais, Inese Galante, Aleksandrs Antonenko

Combining these events with first-class travel arrangements, Actual Riga tour can offer a wide arrange of options for groups and individuals.  We create special event packages included accommodation,  main attractions, concert

Menorah Candlestand

Jewish tours

Jewish heritage tours are organized to visit historical important places in the life and culture of Jewish people in the Baltic States. We have specially educated experience guides who will guide tourist to Jewish memorable holocaust places in any of Baltic staites, during the tours we offer to visit Getto museums and Jewish communities. We have special cooperation with Jevish restaurants and could provide kosher food

Senior Book Club

Club tours

There are many different clubs in the world where people spend time together sharing equal interests and participating in activities. One of the clubs' activities is traveling together to meet partner clubs and to get more contacts or spend time together in new destinations with people who have the same interests. Actual Riga Tour has more than 20 years organize club tours, preparing special packages according to club interests, finding partner clubs, and organizing meetings. Actual Riga Club is a member of the Rotary Riga Ridzene club and have own experience and knows much more about the club lifestyle

Going on a Drive

Self Drive tours

Actual Riga tour offer customized independent self-guided tours in Baltic countries and Scandinavia. Our customer wil get perfect our 24/7 hour support and you will feel absolutely safe and independed  during all trip.

Our services: talor made itenerary, welcome upon arrival, flexible cancellation police, accommodation, meals, sightseeings  and activities, personalizes roadbook

We have the length of time you have and the place you would like to travel and explore. We are committed to putting together the best possible experience for you. To this end, our local expert team will design a proposal, with a suggested itinerary, recommended hotels and activities that will enhance your tour, based on your interests and budget. We prepare programs for more than 10 itineraries with different country combinations, but we can also create trip on your choice. Let us know your preferences: your ideal types of accommodation, any sites, and cities that you would like to visit, your budget, the

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