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The last of the three Baltic States. Due to Estonia’s strategic location as a link between East and West, its amazing history commenced in the 12th century when Estonia was under influence of the Vikings. 

During the 12th to 14th century, Estonia was part of the Teutonic Order and Bishop, the Northern part of the country, under Danish rule.

The 15th century started the Swedish period, but the Northern part, Narwa, was then part of Russia.

Saarema Island was sold to Denmark after the Polish-Swedish War and all Estonian territories came under Swedish rule.

In 1721, after the Second Northern War, Estonia entered a period of being part of the Russian Empire under Tsar Peter the 1st. This continued until the Russian Revolution of 1917.

During World War 1, Estonia gained independence, which was declared in February 1918 and ended in 1940. In 1940 Estonia was occupied and annexed by Russia.

The second time of independence was declared in 1991 when Russia recognized its sovereignty. This was then followed by the United Nations membership. Estonia was admitted to NATO and the European Union in 2004.

Today, Estonia is a land of ancient traditions and medieval architecture but is also known as a country of leading technology - Skype - whose applications revolutionized peer-to-peer communications during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Places to see

The main attractions in Estonia include:

  • Tallinn's Medieval Old Town - an impressive labyrinth of cobblestone streets, medieval city, and stunning sentry towers, which includes the famous Kiek in de Kök - once the tallest building in the city. Tallinn’s famous Gothic Town Hall and the lively Town Hall square, the heart of the Old City with outdoor cafés, shops, and never-ending activity and interest

  • The majestic Kadriorg Palast and park

  •  Kumu Art museum

  •  Vihula, Sagadi, and Palmse Manors

  • The Muhu, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa & Vormsi Islands - the biggest of 2000 Estonian islands

  • The cities Parnu and Rakvere

  • Indulge in a ferry trip from Tallinn to Helsinki – the capital of Finland

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