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Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge track

Bobsleigh Track


Sigulda is known worldwide for its bobsleigh and luge track, which was opened in 1986 and offers rides not only to professional athletes, but also to visitors. It is 1200 metres long and consists of 16 turns, reaching speeds of up to 125 km/h. The bobsleigh and luge track hosts bobsleigh, luge and skeleton competitions. Rides are open both during winter using the Vucko soft bob and summer when the bob will be on wheels. During the ride you can enjoy the adrenaline, every turn being a new and unforgettable adventure. 


On the sixth floor level visitors have a platform with an excellent view of the entire track from start to finish, as well as the Gauja valley scenic landscape.


  • "Frog" - If you want to understand what a skeleton means, try a ride with tourism attraction Frog. Lying on your stomach, you can enjoy both rapid curves and fast lines.

  • "Vuchko" - During the ride with soft bob "Vuchko" you can enjoy the speed, and every turn is a new and unforgettable adventure. Attraction is safe and also available for children from 6 years, but only taking the ride together with one of the parents.

  • "Bob" - Feel yourself as a bobsleigh participant in the Olympic Games. Rapid curves and fast speed - it is an opportunity for everyone to test themselves. The bobsleigh pilot takes care of the ride at maximum speed, giving the passengers a surprising emotions. Rides are available for people from 16 years. This activity is not recommended if you have problems with your back, heart or neck.


Other activities we suggest in Sigulda:

  • Bungee jumping from Sigulda Cable Car where jumps are organised from 43 m high cable car over the beautiful scenery found at the Gauja National Park.

  • AERODIUM - a vertical wind tunnel that creates a wind stream in which you can fly like a bird, even without wings. By changing body position, the laws of aerodynamics let you rise in the sky, perform various movements and feel incredible emotions.

  • Visiting the most popular sights in Sigulda - Gutman's cave, Turaida medieval castle, Krimulda Manor and Winery.

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