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Type: Private​

Length: 1 day / 8 hours

Participants: 1 +

Availability: All year


  • Private transportation from your hotel

  • Guide during the whole tour

Kuldiga is known as one of the most romantic towns in Latvia. Historical architecture and the widest waterfall in Europe makes it worth spending 2,5 hours on the road.

Town of Sabile


During the drive to Kuldiga, you can observe the beauty of Latvian countryside and several small towns. One of the places we recommend to stop by is the town of Sabile. This small town is known for the variety of wines locally produced. Sabile Wine Hill has even been included in the Guinness World Record Book as the most northerly vineyard in the world.


Kuldiga is also known for its well preserved historic wooden buildings from the 17th-18th century, narrow streets and romantic atmosphere. Historically, this town has been popular amongst many Latvian poets and painters as a place to seek inspiration.


Although Kuldiga is getting more and more popular among tourists, it is still considered a great destination for people who want to escape “mass tourism”. Besides the previously mentioned, there are a lot of small, cosy shops and cafes all around the town.

Venta Waterfall

Venta waterfall, located right next to the center of Kuldiga is the widest waterfall in Europe (249 m). During spring and autumn it offers an amazing sight - salmon jumping up the waterfall to spawn. Locals call it the phenomenon of flying salmon. Near the waterfall is one of the oldest and widest brick stone bridges in Latvia that crosses the river. 


Sand Caves of Riezupe

Around 5km from Kuldiga you can also visit Sand Caves of Riezupe. Sand from the caves has been used to manufacture glass - the sand is as white and clean as sugar. Temperature in the caves is constant all year long - eight degrees celsius. The caves have been constructed for fourth generations, currently 2km long of which 460m are available for exploring.

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