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PanCars City Race

Riga City Race


A tailor-made orienteering competition through the streets of Riga. Active leisure, fun tasks, tension, friendly competition and a battle for places on the podium.

The route is created considering what you want to see - would it be typical Riga sightseeing views or some more underground places known by locals. In addition it is not just a tour but a competition between the teams. For finding and completing each location/object/sight teams get points and after the finish, the results are collected and the winners are congratulated.

All tasks must be captured in a photo or video, so you will have awesome and fun memories saved on your devices.

Standard offer includes:

  • prepared and clean cars for the event,

  • fuel,

  • technical support during the event,

  • tailor-made route,

  • management of the event,

  • host of the event,

  • medals for 3 best teams,


Graffiti & Stencil Art Workshop

Here we divide participants into several smaller work groups. Each group has a spot on PVC banner or on a car where they have a chance to realise their inner artist potential. The idea is - each group is drawing one specific element and in the end all of those make one big & complete art-piece that afterwards you can take away with you and hang in your office, garage, bedroom, etc. or You create a PANCAR design that takes part in a CITY RACE.

Process starts with a lesson of STREET ART history and has 2 parts - the first one is a free-hand spray painting and the second one is stencil art. All parts include sketching in groups. The activity takes around 1,5h.


  • Protective equipment (gloves, respirators, coveralls)

  • PVC banner material or cars (1 car for 8-10 people)

  • Spray paint

  • Spray caps – different kind of caps so that help to draw and use different kind of techniques and variations of lines, thickness etc.

  • The artist leading the workshop

  • Management of the event

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