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 Riga Central Market 

Type: Private​

Length: 1 day / 2 hours

Participants: 1 +

Availability: All year


  • Tasting of different Latvian goods and a local beer or soft drink

  • Guide during the whole tour

Located in the heart of Riga, in just a few minute walk distance from Old Town, Riga Central market is one the largest marketplaces in Europe. It was built in the 1920s, inside several large hangars from World War I originally used for military airships, now serving as food pavilions together with an impressive outdoor trading area. The market has over 3000 trade stands and it is perhaps the best place to experience Latvian food and get a taste of true Latvian culture. In 1998, the vast territory of Riga Central Market was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.


There are five different food pavilions at Riga Central Market dividing meat, vegetable, dairy, fish and gastronomy products. The merchants will offer typical products locally used for a long time as well as some new and fresh flavors of Latvia. Having the widest assortment of Latvian food, all products are fresh and natural from Latvian farms for competitive prices with the possibility to bargain. There you will find some unique foods and spices to be found nowhere else in the world!

During the tour you will have degustation at five different sections:

  • Fish: rye bread with sprats, lightly salted herring, local beer or soft drink.

  • Vegetables: Different kinds of salted cucumber (1 day, 1 week, 1 month), marinated cabbage (with beets, cranberry, curry), sauerkraut, marinated wild garlic, spicy carrot.

  • Hemp: Rye bread with hemp butter

  • Cheese: different kinds of Latvian cheese - smoked, with cumin, with cranberries

  • Meat: ham, different kinds of sausages (smoked, with berries, from turkey, pork, chicken), smoked chicken.  

Outdoor area

In the outdoor area you will find stalls and stands with with various fruits, vegetables, garden plants and flours as wells as small kiosks selling a wide range of souvenirs, clothes, perfume, knitwear, amber jewelry and many other goods. In few minutes walk from the Central Market you can also find historical warehouses - Spikeri from which only 13 are survived to the present days.

Central Gastro Market

There is a new section of the market featuring over 20 different caterers and 2 bars with a wide choice of street food, starting from some local Latvian dishes to burgers, pizza, ramen, thai food and other foods. It is guaranteed to find something for everyone's taste. The atmosphere in this section is a bit different and more modern than the distracting hustle and bustle of the traditional vendor stands.

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