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2022 time to rethink, transform, and safely restart tourism

International tourism continued its recovery in 2022, with a much better performance compared to the weak start to 2021. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine adds pressure to existing economic uncertainties, coupled with many Covid-related travel restrictions still in place.

Based on the latest available data, global international tourist arrivals more than doubled (+130%) in 2022 compared to 2021 - the 18 million more visitors recorded worldwide in the first month of this year equals the total increase for the whole of 2021. Following the 71% decline of 2021, international arrivals in 2022 remained 67% below pre-pandemic levels.

Actual Riga tour increase turnover of our services during the season 2022 more than 50% in comparison with 2021 and this let us more optimistically think about increase of our business in 2023.

In 2023 we expect 2 biggest events:

- First event in Riga (Latvia) and in Tampere (Finland) will take place the IIHF World Hockey Championship in the period from May 12 to May 28.

- Second event in Riga (Latvia) will be” Dance and Song celebration” from June 30 till July 10 which happen once in 4 yeas and collect more than 30000 participants and 20000 visitors

For a better restart and getting new potential partners Actual Riga tours decided to participate in 6 Baltic Sea Roadshows organized by airBaltic and LIAA.

First session was in Germany together with Baltic tourism board of Lithuania, Estonia, and Tampere (Finland), Latvia was represented be LIAA Tourism department Senior Project Manager Mrs. Anita Priedite, air Baltic representatives Area Sales Manager Mrs. Irina Zake and air Baltic Sales Manager in Germany Mr. Luca Ulbrich

4.10.22 take pace in Frankfurt, take place in Metropolitan Hotel by Flemings, we had meetings with 28 local tour operators

5.10.22 take place in Minchen in Design Offices München, we had meetings with 20 local tour operators

6.10.22take place in Stuttgart in Design Offices Stuttgart, we had meeting with 31 local tour operators.

Many thanks to the organizers and participants, we are convinced that after a couple of difficult years tourism will grove and our cooperation will be stronger and more successful.


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