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Back to Business

We are excited to announce our returning back to business in August 2021. After taking a small break due to overall situation regarding the global pandemic we chose to put everything on hold for an unknown period of time and just observe from the sidelines. This period has been both financially tough yet beneficial to our business since we had the time to come together, share ideas, discuss opportunities and again listen to our existing client as well as partner needs.

Our conclusion regarding COVID-19 situation is that it is probably not going anywhere anytime soon so we have to make the best out of this situation and work with the tools available. Given the fact that there is still a demand for our tours and services we have therefore decided to get back to business and start serving our clients already in August 2021. We would like to say a warm thank you to all that showed support and interest during this time! More things to come in 2021 and onwards.

We are also happy to say that in the middle of June, Latvia opened it's borders to anyone who has been vaccinated from the EU/Schengen area, without a need for testing or quarantine upon arrival. Please do note that all arrivals must fill in an electronic form 48 hours before arriving in Latvia and the country is using a green pass to access restaurants, bars and other spaces. The treat of Delta variant is ever present as more EU countries are bringing introducing more restrictions yet we remain hopeful that this is not long-term and we can still operate through this successfully.

If you are not sure about the restrictions, obligations for your travel to the Baltics, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will sort it out together. Looking forward to be back to business in season of 2021/2022 and welcome our new clients for our lovely tour offers!

Already know that you would like to visit the Baltics? Let us know and we can design a trip specially for your needs for friendly prices or choose from some of our premade tour options -


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