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Business trip to The Baltic States

If you have been thinking about planning a business trip to The Baltic States, but have not made up your mind quite yet, then please keep reading on about Northern Europe's best-kept secret.

The Baltic States, also known as the Baltics consist of three small countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which all happen to be the perfect travel destination for business and here is why:

  • Hotels and SPA

There are many Luxurious Hotel and SPA options for your business trip to the Baltic States with large conference rooms, high class staff and beautiful scenery right in the city center.

A perfect example is Radisson Blu Latvia Conference & Spa Hotel in Riga. Radisson Hotels are also located in Vilnius and Tallinn. There is even the possibility to rent out impressive historical yet modernly equipped manors and castles outside town for your business meetings, conferences and training.

  • History and Nature

All three capitals of the Baltics are part of UNESCO World Heritage sites with well preserved Old Towns, churches, guilds, merchant houses and even castles.

More than 50% of Latvia and Estonia is covered in beautiful forests. You will not even need to leave the city to see some of the green nature as all of the capitals are home to many parks and nature territories.

Visit Gauja National Park (Latvia) to see some cliffs and caves, go swimming in the many lakes of Aukštaitija National Park (Lithuania) or visit the "Estonian Switzerland"Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa full or swamps and forests.

All three of the Baltic states share the fact that they are bordering the Baltic Sea with stunning sea shores such as the lively Jurmala beach in Latvia.

  • Team Building

The Baltic States have loads of team building activities to offer for your business trip no matter your desire, you are guaranteed to find something for you and your business.

People who prefer more relaxed activities have the option to try out different wine, beer or the traditional Riga Black Balsam tastings. Discover the urban legends while on a quest around Old City of Tallin, go treasure hunting or try one of the many fun and entertaining escape rooms they have to offer.

Now for those of you who are looking for something more extreme to boost your adrenaline, try hurling down an icy track in bobsleigh in Sigulda (Latvia). The bobsleigh track is 1420 m long, has 16 curves and maximum speed of 130 km/h and is also open during summer.

"333 Offroad Park" will let you experience different surfaces and obstacles in a closed offroad track while driving a 4x4 Land Rover.

Some might find pleasure in a shooting range and trying out how it is to fire a weapon yourself, starting from pistols to automatic assault rifles. This activity is fairly popular in The Baltics due to the easy access. If shooting a real gun is a little too much for you, there is also the option to play Paintball or Laser Tag.

Latvia is famous for two inventions that will take your breath away. They are responsible for Aerodium - a vertical wind tunnel that creates a wind stream in which you can experience how it is to fly like a bird. The best part is that anyone can fly, since no previous experience is required!

Another wonder they have created is a thing called Drift trikes, equipped with an electrical engine with a top speed of 50 km/h.

  • Value for Money

The Baltics States are not only great for the before mentioned nature facts and activities, but the low cost of practically everything compared to other European countries or Scandinavia makes it all even better.

For a better perspective we have written down the average cost for a few popular top end things you might want to purchase while on your business trip to The Baltic States:

Luxury hotel room - 75 eur

Two meals - 55 eur

Taxi - 8 eur

A day spent at museums - 15 eur

Pub crawl - 20 eur

While such things as the beer and taxi are notoriously cheap, the views and experiences The Baltic States have to offer are priceless! We believe that all these facts and more are undoubtedly a good enough reason to explore these wonderful countries!

Let us know, which of these things you found interesting and would like to include in your business trip to The Baltic States by contacting us at or in our homepage


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