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Single Day Tours in The Baltic States

We are happy to announce that there is now a single day tour section available in our website. Due to customer request, we have spent the time putting together several private single day tour options. Currently, there are four single day tours available in Latvia with more coming up also in Lithuania and Estonia. Each tour has the option to be customized accordingly to best fulfill your budget and interests.

The Single day tour option was created for you to have the chance to spend a single day privately or in a group, exploring some of the best tourist places in The Baltic States, each tour having a slightly different undertone and activities.

The single day tour packages currently available are:

Riga Central Market (Read more about this offer via link) -

Guided private tour around one of the largest marketplaces in Europe with tasting of many different local goods. Located in the heart of Riga, in just a few minute walk distance from Old Town, Riga. It was built in the 1920s, inside several large hangars from World War I originally used for military airships, now serving as food pavilions together with an impressive outdoor trading area. The market has over 3000 trade stands and it is perhaps the best place to experience Latvian food and get a taste of true Latvian culture. In 1998, the vast territory of Riga Central Market was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Rundale Palace – (Read more about this offer via link) -

Guided private tour to Rundale Palace will take you to an age of splendour with impressive architecture and history. Rundale is around 80 km from Riga and Rundale Palace is one of the most impressive sightseeing places in Latvia. Designed by Francesco Rastrelli, the architect who also created St. Petersburg’s Hermitage, Rundale is a well restored Baroque and Rococo masterpiece packed with art treasures and surrounded by a delightful rose garden.

Jurmala - (Read more about this offer via link) -

Enjoy a relaxing day on the white sand beach, explore the unique architecture and discover the fabulous nature of Jurmala. In just a 30-minute drive from Riga, you can experience a completely different environment with authentic wooden villas, an easygoing atmosphere and a stunning beach that goes on forever. Jurmala is a perfect location for anyone, offering a wide range of restaurants, spas, sports activities, nature parks, museums and much more. With so much to do, we'll tailor the tour to your needs and interests.

Riga Old Town - (Read more about this offer via link) -

Private walking tour around Riga Old Town. Get to know the heart and soul of Latvia, while walking the winding cobblestone streets and exploring the harmonious combination of architecture pearls from different centuries that will make you feel like in a fairy tale. Riga has one of the largest and best preserved collections of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. In 1997, Riga's historic center was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

We hope to see you soon in one of these private single day tours with Actual Travel! :)


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