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Baltic Song and Dance Festival traditions

Song and dance festival culminates in large-scale festivals every fifth year in Estonia and Latvia and every fourth year in Lithuania.These grand events, held over several days, assemble as many as 40,000 singers and dancers. For the most part, the participants belong to amateur choirs and dance groups.Their repertories reflect the wide range of musical traditions in the Baltic States, from the most ancient folk songs to contemporary compositions. Directed by professional choir conductors, bandleaders and dance instructors, many singers and dancers practice throughout the year in community centers and local cultural institutions. To enjoy Dance and Song festival in Riga this year you can take our special prepaid package included tickets for Gala events available on:

In 2018 first time during the history of the EUROPA CANTAT festival, Estonia has the possibility to organize the European Choir Festival, which will be held on July 27th to August 5th 2018. The motto of the festival is „A Million Ways To Sing“,

Latvian Song and Dance festival / photo by Dainis Matisons (CC BY 2.0)


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