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White Nights in St.Petersburg

For some of our pre-made packages you might have seen the name "White Night supplement" during a certain period. This is going to help you better understand what is this phenomenon and why it is worth to experience the so called "White Night".

During this period, which usually lasts from June 11th to July 2nd, you can experience a miraculous view when the sun does not fully descend into the horizon and you can hardly distinguish days from nights. The city stops to sleep and sinks into constant daylight for almost a month.

This phenomenon can be seen in St. Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia, right after Moscow. It is caused by St.Petersburg's northerly geographical location as it is the world's most northern city. A tour of the city is included in many of our packages and you can experience the "White Nights" yourself if you choose to travel with us in this period of time.

Our packages that include "White Nights" supplement:


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