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XXVI Song and XVI Dance Celebration in Latvia, Riga 01.07-09.07.2018.

The XXVI Latvian Song and XVI Dance Celebration will begin on 1 July 2018 with the national sacred music concert at the Riga Cathedral, after will followed by the Celebration Procession throughout the streets of Riga. Participants dressed their rich folk costumes will walk a route that takes several hours through the streets of Riga.

One of the main evenst are the great dance performance Māra's Country and the closing concert Following the Starry Path. Approximately 17 000 dancers in the Daugava Stadium will tell the rich history of Latvia through music, energy, movement, rhythm, color, and the patterns created by the steps of their folk dances.

Festival week culminates in the closing Gala concert Following the Starry Path, in which the voices of 12 000 singers on the Mežaparks Open-air Stage will enchant their listeners in three hour concert of the most outstanding Latvian professional choral music on 8 of July 2018. As the prepared concert ends, audience members will be invited to add their voices, and the Nighttime Sing-along will continue until sunrise on 9 of July 2018.

The Song and Dance Festival Celebration will take place throughout the city of Riga. The venues will be transformed with special scenographic solutions, ambitious stages will be built, and large screens will be set up in urban areas so that audiences can fully enjoy the Celebrations. The main choir and dance events will be held at the historical venues—the Mežaparks Open-air Stage and the Daugava Stadium. Both venues are currently undergoing reconstruction so that they will be ready to receive both participants and spectators of the Song and Dance Celebration in their new forms in 2018.


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